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*Note*    In 2007, these lessons were significantly modified.    *Note*
This is a link to the new materials.

Welcome to BFOIT's "Introduction to Programming and Computer Science" website.  Since you're here, reading this, my guess is that you are pretty savvy regarding technology.  You browse/search the web to find anything you're interested in; you use e-mail all the time; and, if you're a student you probably keep a instant messaging program running in the background for quick updates with friends.  But, do you really know what's going on inside a computer?  Do you know how computer programmers tell a computer how to do the things you see happening?

This website is for parents and teachers, and some students.  It is a walk-through of the basic concepts behind writing computer programs, with an emphasis on graphics and games.  The goal is for students to have fun, while learning the importance and practical aspects of mathematics, processes, problem solving, and critical thinking.

So, if you are a parent that wants to coach a daughter or son through learning how to program or a teacher responsible for introducing a diverse group of students to computer science and programming, this material will be a good guide.  Read through the lessons and act as a coach - demonstrate concepts in the lessons, let your student(s) run with the exercises, and help them when needed.  See the preface for more information/background.

Otherwise, if you are interested in learning what programming is all about, this website can be a start.  We at BFOIT want to evolve our lessons such that they support self-learning.  We are always open to your feedback if you feel specific areas need improvement.  So, go for it.

For some background on computer programming, start at the beginning.  If you just want to get started, skip the introduction and start with the Introduction to Commands lesson.

It will be a challenge at times, but should be fun.


Watch a short video that shows what we are doing...

Introduction to Programming Lessons



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