BFOIT - Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in Computer Science

Diversity in Computer Science and Engineering

BFOIT, a project of the International Computer Science Institute, supports historically underrepresented ethnic minorities and women in their desire to become leaders in the fields of computer science, engineering and information technology. The intent is to provide youth with knowledge, resources, practical programming skills and guidance in their pursuit of higher education and production of technology.

Women and members of underrepresented ethnic groups (African Americans, certain Asian American groups, Chicanos/Latinos, Native Americans) are underrepresented in the fields of information technology and computer science. Yet, we believe they may bring a necessary and important perspective, and experience, that could help identify and find sustainable solutions for societal problems, as yet unsolved.

We have several programs that work in unison to create a support pipeline that identifies, recruits and retains promising new leaders who are women and otherwise underrepresented.

Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in Information Technology from Group 5 Media on Vimeo.

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